We're a volunteer organization, here to help you – and your friends – make a difference in your communities.

Meet your community

We have two Meetup groups, one in Olympia and one in Portland.

We meet over food, share what we're working on, listen to each other, hold each other accountable, and focus on what's important to the people in our lives.

Making the time

The first task of new members is to set aside time to work on making lasting change.

This time can be personal, public, private, or political, but what matters is that it is important to you.

Writing a recipe book

Taking action is hard, so we're writing a book to make things easier.

Our book associates causes with organizations and specific actions that we can take to make progress in our communities and our country.

Making the story known

Be in the department of story telling.

We share our stories in a publication on Medium.

We use Facebook to spread the word with #MorningShift and #FridayFund.

Time to work, together